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Our Staff
"If You're not willing to learn NO ONE CAN HELP YOU. If you're determined to learn NO ONE CAN STOP YOU"
Our Founder & CEO is a meticulous and a visionary entrepreneur and has been a passionate supporter of Mother Teresa foundation, Mumbai. Since her early school and college days, she passionately worked for the Mother Teresa orphanage and blind school. Her interest in child psychology, her unrelenting work for children’s education and child development kindled an aspiration for devoting her time and efforts in this field.
Our Centre Supervisor has a degree in Psychology and has avid experience in Early Childhood Education. She is a people’s person and loves working with children and parents from different walks of life. She has an excellent rapport with the Milestones team as well as with the parents and works relentlessly to make ends meet.
Our Receptionist has a Diploma in Services Seta from an esteemed university. She is focused towards her responsibilities and is a wonderful team player. Customer service and customer satisfaction is her forte
Our Teacher is a very passionate and active teacher, loves music and is an excellent storyteller. She has been a Faculty of Arts at the English Department 2005, and has taken a Translation course 2004 (Arabic – English) at Ain Shams University. She also has a Cache III Diploma EYFS 2014.
Our Teacher Ms. Smitha (1-2 Years) has a Masters Degree in Education from an esteemed university. She loves spending time with children, and believes in teaching them and watching them learn something new every day.
Ms. Amina has a Canadian teacher qualification. She speaks English and Arabic. She is a passionate teacher and pays keen attention to children’s language correction. She is a keen observer and is dedicated and pro-active when it comes to children and teaching,
She has an Italian education degree. Ms. Silvia speaks Italian and English and conduct weekly class of Italian language for our kids. She is a dedicated and compassionate teacher who strives to ensure the happiness of all the children in her class.

Ms. Magie is our support teacher for the youngest group (4 months to 1 year).

Ms. Kitty assists the group of 1-2 years old.

Ms. Josefina is our support teacher for a group of 2-3 years old.

Ms. Vilma assists a group of 3-4 years old.

Our Support teachers have a Teaching degree in Early Childhood Development. They are passionate about working with young children and makes every effort to develop clear communication techniques and create a happy, stimulating environment for children.
Nancy has a Diploma in general nursing and midwifery – pediatric nursing. She is meticulous about children’s cleanliness and hygiene and takes good care of infants and children.
Our Support

We understand the delicateness of a child’s development and the effect it has on the later years of their life. 
Therefore, we thoroughly evaluate every teacher, instructor, supervisor, coordinator and every other staff in the nursery. It is important for us to provide a safe, warm and comfortable environment for your children, because it is only when they feel welcome that they develop to the fullest of their potential.
All our staff is required to have experience of working in ‘Early Years Education’ so that your children are cared for and are educated by the best people in the industry. We conduct thorough background checks for every staff member to make sure that they are best suited to our nursery’s culture.