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Best Kindergarten School Dubai | Best KG School Dubai


Learning & Developing Milestones For Typical Kindergartens


Do you ponder what kind of skills your child develops in his/her 5 years tenure in kindergarten? Kindergardten schools in Dubai provide children with the right balance of art, technology and knowledge. Milestones Nursery – one amongst the best kindergarten school in Dubai – ensures that children build a strong foundation for all later academic disciplines by learning to think logically. We follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum which enhances essential life skills and knowledge that all children require while moving out in today's society.


Best Kindergarten School Dubai


At Milestones Nursery, we strive to adopt HighScope Approach to provide the children with the right balance of art, technology and knowledge. Here are some specific cognitive milestones you can expect your child to reach.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT – From 0-5 years, the kids tend to be fairly active. They can easily run, hop, skip, and jump without tripping even once over their own feet. The kids are taught to do these activities to develop gross motor skills and fine motor skills:


Gross Motor Skills

  • Walk on tip toes and heel-to-toe on a balanced beam
  • Jump rope and pump legs to swing alone
  • Stand and hop on each foot
  • Catch a ball the size of a softball
  • Start to move in different ways while doing other activities simultaneously


Fine Motor Skills

  • Hand Dominance – How to use one hand more than the other
  • Two Fingers & Thumb – Hold pencil using a tripod grip
  • Children are taught to tie their own show laces
  • They are taught to use crayons with control
  • Be able to wipe and wash after using the bathroom


At Milestones Nursery, to tackle the health and safety of the children, we ensure Dettol products are used for all the cleansing requirements. We have CCTV cameras installed in classrooms and outdoor areas. We carry out timely pest control inspections within the nursery premises.


COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT – Being one of the best kindergarten schools in Dubai, Milestones Nursery makes sure our children learn facts and begin to grasp some basic concepts. Till the time, the children move ahead to new school, they can do the following things:


  • Recognize and name colors and basic shapes
  • Know the letters of the alphabet and the sound they make
  • Recite their name, address and emergency contact numbers
  • Know that stories have a beginning, middle and end
  • Make plans about how to play, what to build or what to draw


We have designed a parent-interaction program, wherein parents are invited to be a part of nursery projects, nursery shows, celebrations, seminars and activities.


LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT – When in kindergarten, kids start understanding the usage of thousands of words, usually in sentences of five to eight words. These kids require language development to:


  • Follow simple multi-step instructions
  • Use words to argue and try to reason with people
  • Tell puns, stories and riddles in simple manner
  • Use language to talk about opposites and compare things
  • Talk about things that are going to happen


By the end of kindergarten, our approach is to make sure our children have become, independent, confident, thinkers that nurtures them into becoming leaders of tomorrow.


SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT – During the kindergarten school year, children’s social and emotional development tends to go beyond making friends and expressing feelings. They start understanding more complicated things like right and wrong.


  • They develop an interest in behaving like their friends
  • Begin making same-gender friendships
  • Become jealous when other people spend time with “their” friends
  • Enjoy gaining attention while they sing, dance or be silly
  • Start sharing and getting along with other kids in parties/neighborhood


Kids develop at their own pace. That’s why at Milestones Nursery, we provide endless learning possibilities to our children. We work constantly in collaboration with parents to achieve these aims, departing from our conviction that every child is to become an independent respected member of their community.