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Holiday Camps
"If You're not willing to learn NO ONE CAN HELP YOU. If you're determined to learn NO ONE CAN STOP YOU"
Holiday Camps

Milestones nursery offers holiday camps for children throughout the year. Holiday camps allow your child to, meet more children of their own age group, mix with them and develop a sense of sharing, contribution, love, care, compassion, respect, commitment and character. It is only when children interact with the wider world, do they learn to better identify themselves. Through our well-crafted holiday camps we try to develop a sense of responsibility, self-respect, leadership, team spirit, social understanding, and self-worth. A wide range of active learning activities will include: songs, drama, crafts, stories, fun food cooking, music, dance, and recreational based on our weekly themed activities.



The holiday camp experience will encourage individual growth of each child. Better yet, the works of art they create make great, one of-a-kind festive gifts for the holiday season. We have chosen season-based themes for our camps.


We think it is not just a wonderful way to help children learn but also a great way to introduce them to the different aspects of social, environmental and atmospheric changes these seasons bring with them. Along with art and craft, active learning activities, and other surprises we teach children about each season, its importance in our lives and the physical changes it brings about in our day to day life. We have a different exciting theme each week to ensure that the children are entertained, have fun and make friends.


Children will get to see and take part in many new and unusual activities and learn plenty of new skills along the way. Parents can benefit from our available flexible booking system and our excellent staff ratios as recommended by the Ministry of Social Affairs in Dubai.


Fun and Activities will be explored at Milestones Nursery. Exciting topics suitable for children aged 45 days to 6 years. 
Date : 2nd July to 30th August 2017
Time : 8am to 1pm; 8am to 2pm; 8am to 3pm: 8am to 4 pm or 8am to 5pm
Venue : Milestones Nursery, Jumeirah, Dubai

Price: 170 AE per day or 499 AED per week from 8am-1pm.

699 AED per week from 8am to 3pm

899 AED per week from 8am to 5pm


Fantasy Land at Milestones Summer camp

The summer camp escapades fantasy land theme, full of fairy tails explorations. Children get engaged in different activities based on HighScope curriculum and have fun. A special story telling segment every day helps them explore and know new concepts, vocabulary and behaviors. Summer camp is nevertheless the best way to help the little ones to become more socialized and make new associations, which eventually makes them more confident and self-reliant.

Fantasy Adventures in Milestones Nursery


Summer camp at Milestones Nursery is full of overwhelming excitement, blossoming of new friendships; exploring the new nursery, adventuring outside in the cool air of the morning. As the children enter their classrooms they are brought into the magical world of fairytails, where they get to know there favorite characters or even become them through play and costume changing.

The children have the opportunity to complete Zumba / Music and Movement in the activity room every day, to develop their fine motor skills and gross motor skills. The children eat their breakfast and lunch together within our family setting of our snack room. As the parents gather to collect their children, the parents are greeted with stories of their day in Milestones Nursery.

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