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"If You're not willing to learn NO ONE CAN HELP YOU. If you're determined to learn NO ONE CAN STOP YOU"
  • Are you a Day Care Centre, a Nursery & Pre-School or a Kindergarten?
    • Milestone Nursery is both a nursery and preschool. We cater for children between the ages of four months to four years old, of all nationalities, backgrounds and cultures. 

  • How many months are you open every year?
    • We are open all year round except on weekends, public holidays and end of term breaks. Our school year is split into three terms, September through July and during the summer months; we offer a summer camp to keep your little ones busy! 

  • Do I have to send my child all five days?
    • No. We offer flexible two, three, four and five-day options for nursery children. However, it is advised that the older children (3-4 years old) should attend five days a week in order to fully benefit from the HighScope curriculum as it prepares them for the big schools.

  • What language is used at Milestones Nursery?
    • Milestones Nursery is an English speaking school. Your child will be looked after by the Home Room teacher who will deliver all instructions in English. However, children are taught Arabic in all UAE schools, so they will be introduced to it at a beginner’s level and French is additionally offered as part of our curriculum.  

  • What are your fees and when are they due?
    • Our fees are moderate and in line with the fees charged for similar services in the surrounding area. Payments of fees are due two weeks prior to the beginning of each term. For more information, please call the administration office or alternatively the admission page on the website can be reviewed.

  • What happens if I am late collecting my child?
    • We request that the parents inform the Nursery as soon as possible to arrange supervision for their child.

  • Can parents visit the nursery?
    • Yes. We have an open door policy and parents are encouraged to visit us at any time during our opening hours. 

  • What is an appropriate snack for my child to bring to school?
    • Snack time is a very important time of the school day. It brings about an awareness of good nutrition, helps develop good table manners and social skills, as well as provides a great opportunity for socialization with the teachers and other children. To keep your child alert during the school day, fresh fruits, crackers, yogurt and cheese are examples of appropriate healthy snack choices for school.  We do not allow nuts and have a no sweets policy.

  • What should my child wear to attend nursery?
    • Our nursery offers a polo T-shirt and cap with our logo for ages 1-4 years old. 

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