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"If You're not willing to learn NO ONE CAN HELP YOU. If you're determined to learn NO ONE CAN STOP YOU"

British Curriculum Nursery School Dubai

Milestones Nursery is a thriving British curriculum nursery school in Dubai. We excel in offering high-quality education to children aged 0 to 5 years. We follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum which enhances essential life skills and knowledge that all children need to participate effectively in today’s society. We welcome a wide range of students to study the curriculum, which is designed to extend and excite all of them, whatever their interests or abilities are. Keeping each child's individual strengths and interests at heart and where children are granted the freedom to explore and play, igniting their passion and excitement for learning. We firmly follow the EYFS framework and support and enable each child to reach their full potential.


British Curriculum Nursery School Dubai


The EYFS framework aims to develop the children’s personal, social and emotional well-being. This grants them a positive attitude in shared activities, by creating them the perfect environment to raise their enthusiasm and thirst for learning. The priority of our school is to adopt a complete approach so as to take care of the education of children, along with their emotional and physical development, taking into consideration their relationship with people around them.

How Do We Put The Seven Areas of Early Learning Into Practice?

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

  • Making Relationships
  • Self Confidence & Self Awareness
  • Managing Feelings & Behaviour

Physical Development

  • Coordination, Control & Movement
  • Health, Personal Hygiene & Self Care

Communication & Language Development

  • Listening & Attention
  • Understanding
  • Speaking


  • Numbers
  • Shape, Space and Measure

Understanding The World

  • People & Communities
  • The World
  • Technology

Expressive Arts & Design

  • Exploring and using media & materials
  • Being imaginative

Being a leading British curriculum nursery school in Dubai, we introduce children to basic concepts they will need to understand before they can delve deeper into subjects like English, Science and Maths. What makes the EYFS a great program is that it includes lots of fun activities and games that children admire. This type of learning activities will help the child gain self-confidence while having a wonderful time. All the areas enlisted above include the essential life skills and knowledge that all children need to participate effectively in today’s society.


At Milestones Nursery, the learning possibilities are endless! We work constantly in collaboration with parents to achieve these aims, departing from our conviction that every child is to become an independent respected member of their community.