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Best American Nursery in Jumeirah
"If You're not willing to learn NO ONE CAN HELP YOU. If you're determined to learn NO ONE CAN STOP YOU"

Best American Nursery in Jumeirah


Understanding how young children learn helps us to adapt our teaching to meet their learning needs in more effective ways. This is why, Milestones Nursery – one of the most admired Jumeirah American nursery – has implemented the HighScope approach in our curriculum. This American revolutionized curriculum is followed by only best nurseries in Jumeirah. It ensures to provide each child the right balance of art, technology, and knowledge. By creating a safe and developmentally appropriate environment for babies and preschoolers, we provide them with enriching educational experience to help them become life-long learners. We help children to develop their language, self-esteem and confidence.


Best American Nursery in Jumeirah


Being the best American Nursery in Jumeirah, we know that the most effective approach to early childhood assessment is the authentic and observation-based assessment. The assessment tools help the teachers to capture and analyze each child performance and later translate the same through targeted, individualized instruction for best outcomes.




Child Observation Record (COR) Advantage – Helps You Turn Data Into Action: COR Advantage is built on 36 items that prepare the kids for further success in school. COR Advantage focuses on development rather than age. It provides assistance to teachers so that they can support each individual child at every developmental level from birth to age five.


To create individualized lesson plans, detailed reports on child and classroom progress, teachers use effective tools in which they put invaluable insight. This, in turn, increases the accuracy of teacher's scores, saves the time and keep them focused on what matters most. It has been specifically designed to support English Language Learning.


The 8 categories of COR Advantage are social and emotional development, mathematics, health and physical development, approaches to learning, science & technology, social studies, language, literacy, & communication, and creative arts.


Child Observation Record (COR) KINDERGARTEN – Explore the Inner Potential: COR for Kindergarten is organized in five main domains: literacy and language, social and emotional development, mathematics, health and physical development, and what are the approaches to learning. COR for Kindergarten allows the teachers to get a comprehensive view of each child's development and achievements he/she made throughout the kindergarten year. The teacher supports each child’s learning by understanding the level of developmental progression of each child.


This assessment criteria helps our teachers to use the information collected to develop small and whole group lesson plans, inform individualized instruction, helps them detect the learning problem of each child and allows them to quickly intervene and keep a check on the progress of the child. 


At Milestones Nursery, we believe that every child is precious and each one of them has got the right to learn and make progress. Being one of the best kindergarten schools in Dubai, we enable all children to be intellectually, physically and socially equipped to reach their full potential.