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"Active Learning Spaces"

This is the age and time where we want the toddlers to feel free to explore and recognize their feelings and ideas. The choices they make is a natural process, although, if given the right encouragement and environment this can help children identify, develop and follow a particular thought process which will help them in the future.


The room has a carpet corner which can also be used as a reading corner with different colorful finger puppets and hand puppets which help the children with interactive and conversation skills. The kitchenette and home area encourage them with different role plays. There is a stage area where children can perform or enact a role-play for their friends and teachers. This helps them build their self-esteem, confidence and communication skills.


We have different areas within the classroom and in each area, resources are easily accessible to the children. This allows them to choose what and how they would like to learn and they are taught how to take and put away their resources as part of taking responsibility for their own learning. This also helps them to learn to care for their toys and their belongings. We have taken special care so that children run minimum risk of hurting themselves with the help of rubberized floors padded corners and child proofing the entire room.


We live in a highly advanced technological world that is constantly changing and improving. Hence, we thought there could not be a better way than to give your little geniuses a hands-on experience on the latest set of iPads, at our very own E-library.


Technology is the most evasive aspect of our lives today so we believe it is important that children are introduced to latest technology in the right manner and under the supervision of our teachers.  We have 10 iPads for the children where they can listen to songs, play games and develop fine motor skills and investigate languages, math and the world through technology.

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