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"Active Learning Spaces"
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The preschoolers are now of an age where they have developed certain likes and dislikes. We encourage these choices and help them discover more options and offer them alternate choices. This helps them learn how to make an informed decision and not just base decisions on impulsive choices.


Very similar to the toddler room, this classroom is set up into different areas like the carpet corner, kitchenettes, stage area for performance and role-plays which helps in order to entice the children’s interests.


These different sections help the children develop a variety of skills. Every child is different they have different likings some may be good at music and dance while some might enjoy sports more than indoor activity. Children are encouraged to learn through their interests but are also exposed to other opportunities to learn through guided learning.


Managing the classrooms in this way is in line with the High/Scope curriculum and builds knowledge through their interests. The resources are all accessible to the children so that they can manipulate the materials as they like and create their own learning experiences that are authentic and long lasting.


At this age, children are the most mischievous and active! Therefore, their safety is also equally important. We have taken extraordinary measures to ensure children’s safety by making rubberized floors and padded corners with child proofing for all the rooms.


We live in a highly advanced technological world that is constantly changing and improving. Hence, we thought there could not be a better way than to give your little geniuses a hands-on experience on the latest set of iPads, at our very own E-library.


Technology is the most evasive aspect of our lives today so we believe it is important that children are introduced to latest technology in the right manner and under the supervision of our teachers.  We have 10 iPads for the children where they can listen to songs, play games and develop fine motor skills and investigate languages, math and the world through technology.

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