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Infant Room
"Active Learning Spaces"

The infant room is a quiet and cozy room, a little away from all the activities of the Nursery. The room is well organized with rockers and colorful props. We have observed that at this age children respond to colors and shapes hence we have decorated the room with attractive toys. We use touch and sound therapy in order to help children learn to respond. The room has rubberized floor and padded corners to ensure safety at all times.


The infant room is one of the coziest rooms in our nursery. We have designed this room keeping in mind the fact that babies need constant care and attention, as they are dependent on us.

It is observed by educators that at this tiny age infants respond to bright colors and shapes. They develop a curiosity for different colorful objects and respond through actions and expressions when brought in contact with colorful learning material and toys.


Infants learn and experience emotions through their senses and we encourage them to discover different senses through indoor and outdoor activities. We have created a pleasant environment with colorful props which the teachers can use while interacting with the infants. The teachers also use sound and touch therapy in order to develop the baby’s response.


The Infant room has well-appointed rockers and there is enough space between two rockers so staff member can pick up the baby from either side of the rocker. The room is designed to give your little one a calm, peaceful, cozy, secure and stimulating environment where they can begin to explore the world around them.


Like all the other rooms this room is also childproofed. It has rubberized floor and padded corners. It is calm and its strategic location keeps your little infants away from any possible noise or disturbance. This is in order to make sure that the infants are not disturbed during their nap time and not exposed to outside activity.


We live in a highly advanced technological world that is constantly changing and improving. Hence, we thought there could not be a better way than to give your little geniuses a hands-on experience on the latest set of iPads, at our very own E-library.


Technology is the most evasive aspect of our lives today so we believe it is important that children are introduced to latest technology in the right manner and under the supervision of our teachers.  We have 10 iPads for the children where they can listen to songs, play games and develop fine motor skills and investigate languages, math and the world through technology.

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