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Active Learning Spaces
"Active Learning Spaces"

Highscope is not just a curriculum but a school of thought that believes in practical and hands on learning experience for kids which helps them develop their own capabilities through authentic learning processes. We at Milestones nursery have created a wonderful place in order to make this happen. Our active learning spaces are specifically designed keeping in mind the Highscope ethos and curriculum. Hence, every toddler room has specific areas for example house area, block area, music area etc. where they explore and create learning experiences for themselves guided by the teachers.


We have made it our goal to create maximum opportunities for children, teachers and parents in order to be able to participate in High/Scope learning activities and put this enriching theory into practice. 

Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow

The infant room is a quiet and cozy room, a little away from all the activities of the Nursery. The room is well organized with rockers and colorful props. We have observed that at this age children respond to colors and shapes hence we have decorated the room with attractive toys. We use touch and sound therapy in order to help children learn to respond. The room has rubberized floor and padded corners to ensure safety at all times.


The infant room is one of the coziest rooms in our nursery. We have designed this room keeping in mind the fact that babies need constant…


This room has a lot of learning spaces within. It is where the children have their first taste of the High/Scope curriculum and are introduced to the areas in the classroom. Each area has age appropriate resources that encourage curiosity and develop self-awareness and social and emotional skills.  The entire room is child proofed with rubberized flooring and padded corners.


We have put in a lot of thought in designing this room and have come up with specific themes for every section of this room. It’s a fun filled room with lots to discover! There is a carpet…


This is the age and time where we want the toddlers to feel free to explore and recognize their feelings and ideas. The choices they make is a natural process, although, if given the right encouragement and environment this can help children identify, develop and follow a particular thought process which will help them in the future.


The room has a carpet corner which can also be used as a reading corner with different colorful finger puppets and hand puppets which help the children with interactive and conversation skills. The kitchenette and home area encourage them with…

1428642000-PRE SCHOOLERS.jpg

The preschoolers are now of an age where they have developed certain likes and dislikes. We encourage these choices and help them discover more options and offer them alternate choices. This helps them learn how to make an informed decision and not just base decisions on impulsive choices.


Very similar to the toddler room, this classroom is set up into different areas like the carpet corner, kitchenettes, stage area for performance and role-plays which helps in order to entice the children’s interests.


These different sections help the children…


We live in a highly advanced technological world that is constantly changing and improving. Hence, we thought there could not be a better way than to give your little geniuses a hands-on experience on the latest set of iPads, at our very own E-library.


Technology is the most evasive aspect of our lives today so we believe it is important that children are introduced to latest technology in the right manner and under the supervision of our teachers.  We have 10 iPads for the children where they can listen to songs, play games and develop fine motor skills and investigate…

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Our activity room is centrally located and is the liveliest room of the nursery. This is a common activity area for all children of different age groups.


We have a bigger stage area here and this is where children can experience and discover many characters, personalities and temperaments through effective role-plays. We encourage children to perform at the various functions and celebrations as this helps them build self-confidence.


As this is our nursery’s party place, this is where we celebrate birthdays, festivals, functions, parent-teachers…


Children have an enormous amount of energy and learning ability and we have created outdoor opportunities so that they can be developed and nurtured to the fullest.


Our outside area delivers a range of fun and interesting opportunities for children.


We have a variety of outdoor activities from our sandpits and climbing frames, to our swings, picnic area, football pitch and bicycle tracks. We have a multifunctional clubhouse with slides, swings and wall climbing set up. We also will be having soccer training for children as a part of our after-school…

1428642000-HOLIDAY CAMP.jpg

Milestones nursery offers holiday camps for children throughout the year. Holiday camps allow your child to, meet more children of their own age group, mix with them and develop a sense of sharing, contribution, love, care, compassion, respect, commitment and character. It is only when children interact with the wider world, do they learn to better identify themselves. Through our well-crafted holiday camps we try to develop a sense of responsibility, self-respect, leadership, team spirit, social understanding, and self-worth. A wide range of active learning activities will include: songs, drama, crafts, stories, fun food cooking, music, dance, and recreational based on our weekly themed…

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