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About Highscope
"The Highscope curriculum has evolved from our extensive experience of working with children and teachers” - Founder Dr. David Weikart"
HighScope approach

Our mission is to create a safe and developmentally appropriate environment for babies and preschoolers. We continuously strive to provide the children with the right balance of art, technology and knowledge.


It is our aim to offer an enriching educational experience, which promotes the desire to become life-long learners and teach the importance of the same in the society as a whole. 


Our vision is to encourage children to become, independent, confident, thinkers that nurtures them into becoming leaders of tomorrow.


We aspire to become one of the best and biggest early learning centers in UAE.


It is our belief that children have the power to better the society.


At Milestones Nursery we aim at developing children in a free and lively environment while supporting them to shape their own paths into the future. 


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At Milestones Nursery we have designed a variety of programs that will help your child develop their talents and nurture their strengths on a daily basis. After all, every child is unique and we believe in cherishing and developing their innate qualities. With our exciting football courts, ballet room, library, kitchenettes, and many other themed spaces, we can help children to explore a variety of concepts through well-crafted role-plays.


High/Scope Curriculum includes components for:

·         Infant-toddler care and education 

·         Preschool education

·         Early literacy

·         Movement and music

·         Elementary education

·         Youth programs

Each individual program consists of a complete system of teaching practices, defined curriculum content areas for each topic and age group, assessment tools and a training model.  The practices and content are flexible by design, easily adapted to individual needs and institutional requirements.

We at Milestones Nursery emphasize on the fundamental themes of Highscope learning techniques. Under Highscope learning, shared control between adults and children is considered crucial in order to help them improve and develop abilities such as - conflict resolution, taking initiative and making choices.


In order to achieve these results, it is important that the parents and teachers converse with children as partners and focus on their strengths while offering them support and encouragement. The adult-child interaction and ‘plan-do-review’ process helps them strengthen their initiative and makes them self-sufficient and self-reliant.


We prepare the children for the possible challenges they may face in the wider world through a gentle and well-researched process.

The HighScope advantage
  • A balanced approach for young learners and the people who teach them.
  • Child-initiated learning activities
  • Children effectively use their knowledge in their day to day life
  • Are prepared to become responsible, self-reliant, happy and successful individuals
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